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 Upgrades for Windows Dedicated Servers           

   [Dedicated Servers]    Upgrades

Hardware Upgrades
Additional 1TB HDD
(The additional disk can be used for Backup or Extra storage)

RM80 / monthly

Additional 4096 MB DDR3 1600MHz Memory

RM80 / monthly

Software Services / Upgrades
Upgrade to Windows Server Datacenter Edition 1 Processor License from Web Edition RM 249 / monthly
MS SQL 2005 WorkGroup Edition 1 Processor License RM 379 / monthly
MS SQL 2005 Standard Edition 1 Processor License RM 1179 / monthly
MS SQL 2008 Web Edition 1 Processor License
- Click for more info
RM 99 / monthly
Mail Enable Professional Edition Unlimited
Domains & Users
RM 1299 one time
Windows OS Restore / Reload RM 300 for each request

Shared NAS FTP Account (For backup) - Non Managed
- 10GB NAS FTP RM 600 / yearly
- 20GB NAS FTP RM 1200 / yearly

RM 2400 / yearly

DEDICATED NAS FTP Server (For backup or Storage) - Non Managed
(connected directly via the second NIC)
- 500GB NAS RAID 1 Storage with LAN/FTP access RM 500/monthly + RM 1000
(one-time setup)
- 750GB NAS RAID 1 Storage with LAN/FTP access RM 600/monthly + RM 1000
(one-time setup)
Dedicated Hardware FIREWALL

RM 750/monthly + RM 1000
(one-time setup)

Shared Managed Hardware FIREWALL

RM 299/monthly + RM 299
(one-time setup)

Additional FIREWALL Configuration + Setup
(ie. VPN,etc)

RM 250/hour

Additional Windows Software Firewall Configuration + Setup

RM 250/hour

IP Addresses
Additional IP Address - 1 RM100 / yearly
Additional IP Address - 4 RM320 / yearly
Additional IP Address - 8 RM560 / yearly
Additional IP Address - 16 RM960 / yearly
Dedicated Bandwidth
* Guaranteed burstable minimum bandwidth.
Each Additional 1 Mbps

RM 480/mth

Backup Solutions for Dedicated Servers

The following options are available when planning your backup strategy. Customers can choose either one or a combination of the following methods as desired. These are self-managed backups and use physical Hard drives for speed and security. We do not use tapes.

We will provide the necessary hardware (i.e servers, nas, harddisks, etc) and provide lifetime replacements for all failed hardware. However, due to the complexity and importance of proper backups customers are ultimately responsible for their own backups.

If assistance is required initially to setup a backup schedule or scripts this can be arranged and will be charged at our standard hourly rates depending on the requirements.

1. Use an additional physical hard disk to store their backups in the same server. Backups can be scheduled with NTBackup (Win2003) or Windows Server Backup (Win2008)
RM120 / monthly
(For the Hardisk)

2. Used a Dedicated NAS server hooked up to second LAN port to store their backups. Backups can be scheduled with NTBackup (Win2003) or use a script to copy over the files to the NAS server based on a pre-determined schedule.
RM 500/monthly +
RM 1000 one-time setup
(For the NAS RAID1 server)

3. Acquire an additional standby server next to the live server. Data can be transferred over at pre-determined schedules. Customer should plan and manage what they wish to transfer over to the backup server. Unlimited data transfer because server is hosted on the same LAN and hooked up to the second LAN port (if available)
Dedicated Server

4. If an Offsite backup is required we can host the additional standby server in a different/separate geographic location. Customer should plan and manage what they wish to transfer over to the backup server. Data transfer will be limited to the amount of subscribed bandwidth.
Dedicated Server
System Administration Services

Only covers Windows OS/System administration/troubleshooting, OS patching, OS configuration, OS fine tuning, General 1st level software installation, Windows Firewall setup and General server consultation.

Does NOT include support/troubleshooting for 3rd party software, scripts, web applications, html/scripting/application/coding/design and other external applications.

* All servers are self managed unless covered by System Administration services. List of services are limited to the above.

Ad Hoc / On Demand Request
- Per request with minimum of 1 hr
- During business hours M-F (9-6pm) GMT +8
- No Contract required
RM 250/hour
Monthly Subscription
- Up to a maximum of 2 Hours/mth
- Minimum request block of 30 minutes
- During business hours M-F (9-6pm) GMT+8
- 12 months contract
RM 300/month
SmarterMail Email Server Installation
- General Installation of Email Server
- Create first email domain
- Customer Provided with a WebAdmin for configuration
RM 300 one-time


1. There is an additional setup fee of RM 150 if upgrades/downgrades are ordered at a later time
   (after the initial server setup) subject to availability
2. Maximum of 3 Physical Hard Disk per server for Advanced and above
3. Maximum of 2 Physical Hard Disk per server Entry Level
4. Maximum of 4GB of RAM per server for 32 bit and maximum of 8GB of RAM per server for 64 bit (for Advanced and above)
5. Maximum of 4GB of RAM per server for Entry Level Server
6. A minimum of 5 business days setup time is required (subject to availability)
7. 12 Months contract for all dedicated Servers
8. NAS FTP Accounts can be used to store your backups in a remote RAID redundant server. This service is non-managed
9. 2 months deposit required for Dedicated Bandwidth

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