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Spam Filtering is a high performance spam filtering extension which works effectively on filtering unsolicited spam before email arrival, as well as on email arrival. It is integrated with Microsoft® Windows® 2000/2003 IIS SMTP Service and Microsoft® Exchange 2000/2003 Server. This is done, so as to perform email filtering on the server.
Dual Filtering Model
Always up-to-date DNS Blacklist & SURBLs
keyword filtering
on SMTP transport level or email arrival
Reverse DNS Lookup
Whitelists & Blacklists
Virus & worm protection
Always up-to-date virus definition
Attachments scanning and filtering
Relay of emails from the Internet to large volumes of addresses happen when the SMTP email server permits third party relay of email messages. This is known as open relay.

By solving the overload of unwanted and unsolicited emails in the email server, the Spam Filtering software does the important tasks of filtering and blocking before incoming emails attempt to reach the email server.

The spam filtering software builds into the SMTP conversations as well as monitors the incoming email traffic. When the software detects SPAM in the incoming mail, it automatically rejects the mail by rejecting the sender or the recipient(s) of the email.
Spam is unsolicited email, sent to a large amount of recipients. It is also known as bulk junk mail. It takes resources to deal with spam, which would lead to business losses. Resources range from storage and administration cost to reduced productivity.

The Spam Filtering helps you stop spam emails on your server, before they cause you any business losses.
Increase email server traffic performance
98% Accuracy of filter and block unwanted emails
The anti-virus option reduces the chance your company will be infected with a costly virus.
Save email hosting space occupied by spam emails.
Eliminates pornography and other vulgar email that is highly offensive to many people.
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